True love karmic matchmaking area synastry /composite/ Davison

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True love karmic matchmaking area synastry /composite/ Davison

  • For every single element deserves step 1 section. If you have fifteen or even more things then you have in all probability good soulmate or karmic relationship. Take note that every ones issue alone will not determine if you otherwise someone else provides good karmic relationships. Go through the full synastry / substance / davison maps. These arent all of the you are able to combos but a good amount of the brand new points one to found mind and therefore featured extreme for me.

Moonlight conjunct Sunshine / Moonlight quintile Sunrays / Moonlight septile Sun / Moon novile Sunrays / moon sextile sun / moon trine sunlight / moonlight reverse sunlight

Moon conjunct moon / moonlight sextile moon / moon trine moon / moon septile moon / moon novile moon / moonlight quintile moonlight / moon opposite moonlight

Moonlight conjunct ascendant / moonlight sextile ascendant / moonlight trine ascendant / moon septile ascendant / moon novile ascendant / moon quintile ascendant

moon conjunct descendant / moonlight sextile descendant / moon trine descendant / moonlight septile descendant / moon novile descendant / mon quintile descendant

Sunlight conjunct ascendant / sun quintile ascendant /sunlight septile ascendant / sunshine novile ascendant sun sextile ascendant / sunlight trine ascendant

Sunlight conjunct descendant / sun quintile descendant /sunrays septile descendant / sunrays novile descendant / sunrays sextile descendant / sunrays trine descendant

Venus conjunct ascendant / venus trine ascendant / venus sextile ascendant / venus quintile ascendant / venus septile ascendant / venus novile ascendant

Venus conjunct descendant / venus sextile descendant / venus trine descendant / venus septile descendant /venus novile descendant /venus quintile descendant

Moon conjunct venus / moonlight septile venus / moon sextile venus / moon trine venus / moonlight novile venus / moonlight quintile venus / moon reverse venus

Neptune conjunct ascendant / neptune trine ascendant / neptune sextile ascendant / neptune septile ascendant / neptune novile ascendant / neptune quintile ascendant

Moon conjunct pluto / moonlight trine pluto / moon sextile pluto / moon septile pluto / moon novile pluto / moonlight quintile pluto

Sunshine conjunct pluto / sunlight trine pluto / sunlight sextile pluto / sunlight septile pluto / sunshine novile pluto / sunshine quintile pluto

Venus conjunct pluto / venus sextile pluto/venus trine pluto / venus septile pluto / venus novile pluto / venus quintile pluto

Venus conjunct mars / venus sextile mars / venus trine mars / venus septile mars / venus quintile mars / venus novile mars

Moon conjunct neptune / moon sextile neptune / moonlight trine neptune / moonlight septile neptune/ moonlight novile neptune / moonlight quintile neptune

Sun conjunct neptune / sunlight trine neptune / sunlight sextile neptune / sun septile neptune / sun novile neptune / sunshine quintile neptune

Sunrays Conjunct venus / sunrays sextile venus / sunlight trine venus / sunlight septile venus / sunshine novile venus / sunshine quintile venus / sunlight opposite venus

Mercury conjunct pluto / mercury sextile pluto / mercury trine pluto / mercury septile pluto / mercury novile pluto / mercury quintile pluto

Moon conjunct mars / moonlight trine mars / moonlight sextile mars / moonlight septile mars / moonlight novile mars / moonlight quintile mars / moonlight reverse mars

Pluto conjunct ascendant / pluto sextile ascendant / pluto trine ascendant / pluto novile ascendant / pluto septile ascendant / pluto quintile ascendant

Venus conjunct neptune / venus trine neptune / venus sextile neptune / venus septile neptune/ venus novile neptune / venus quintile neptune

Moonlight conjunct saturn / moon trine saturn / moonlight sextile saturn / moon septile saturn / moon novile saturn / moon quintile saturn

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