Melchizedek, Your order of the Blue Flower in addition to Magdalene Descent

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Melchizedek, Your order of the Blue Flower in addition to Magdalene Descent

The new Solar Lord Melchizedek is but one exactly who manages the Christed pattern from white -since invention development

Since i began my travel to the Order of Melchizedek, The newest Magdalene, while the Flower Heart Origin of your Divine Mommy, I have had endless questions, once the I understand every one of you enjoys as well. Earlier I did a talk into the origins of your mystery schools, We sensed it might bring me personally a way to search and you can discover much more about the associations amongst the mystery colleges of your Deity theories and so they secret colleges away from ancient Egypt and you will Greece in addition to their connection to Your order out of Melchizedek. I happened to be in a position to piece together a far greater understanding of the brand new history of new mystery colleges, however, around stayed inquiries personally, questions of so much more ancient record and origins ones lessons, very once weeks and you may months regarding composing and you can contrasting, I sat throughout the quiet and you will requested all the questions I however had inside my center and this refers to the solution I received throughout the Brotherhood of White.

He’s named forward an exceptional group of complex beings so you’re able to help him within this functions, Avatars because you carry out understand him or her, ascended completely. He’d establish the fresh temple framework within you and you may the fresh new cycles out-of air you to introduce the setup regarding the white body. That temple is established in the human body the whole process of ascension is actually completely knew regarding the actual mode.

He has got going the new functions upon the earthly plain, the Christ build out-of light could be totally embellished for the the new minds of humanity

In eons earlier in the day extensions of performs of the Melchizedek Purchase had been place on the earth, temples who would resurrect the fresh white body away from old. One such extension will be The brand new Magdalene Order-Your order of your Blue Flower. It had been oriented to help with it improvement humanity compliment of the opening and you can attenuation of your heart efforts.

The new bluish flower was a symbol of the new state-of-the-art knowledge of this new center energies. Your order of your Blue Rose is one for example subset from brand new Melchizedek lessons one to supports the new waking out of humanity using the instruction of your own cardio. Brand new Magdalene Acquisition are an ancient passage through of the female similar of your own Christ framework and you may aligns with the instruction of your Christed framework. We rekindled you to flame, long-past identified regarding the times of Lemuria and you can Atlantis when I first started the fresh new institutions in the world on the months one to used brand new flooding from Atlantis. I set upon the center out-of humankind a bluish Flower Acquisition, provided because of the Magdalene descent. It actually was an enigmatic community known simply to some of the whom would located such instruction of your own center and you can was basically worthwhile so you can carry the brand new white regarding redemption. A rose organization therefore one to claims the root from the planet Venus, the homes of your blue beam white and center opening suggests.

This new blue flower expanded strong abreast of the fresh flatlands from Venus, even when through the years those of a lowered capabilities whom looked for not the ways of truth chose a course off darkness you to definitely infiltrated and you may caused the passing of your own Venusian world. I found myself a commander certainly males at this put and you can space big date Of numerous temples towards Venusian King from Heaven, the fresh Aphrodite one, was indeed established here. Brand new temples there glowed with an indigo-blue color, they aimed people who needed entry with the higher realms and state-of-the-art degree and you can understanding.

We emerged from this Venusian superstar-gate and you can got towards the earthly flatlands to aid rigor and strength toward subhuman versions who have been within their infancy inside the eons of your energy previous. I offered my personal hand to each and you may oriented centers off understanding right here that degree and you may expertise imparted regarding the temples off that we got come tends to be shared again with this newly designed area away from humankind. These types of stores was basically available to every that would seek the new state-of-the-art kinds of white, it contained within this him or her much education, directed as a result of envision variations and the beginning of one’s third attention. The latest indigo-blue light went solid during these temples. I first started the new run the planet that understanding off mankind will get awaken entirely to the Christed setting and you can gain complete expertise in its true and you will divine form.

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