Lower than Ill share with you the overall opinion one to myths, religion, mysticism, and esotericism have regarding the for every amount

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Lower than Ill share with you the overall opinion one to myths, religion, mysticism, and esotericism have regarding the for every amount

The definition out of Number

While i aforementioned, the essential see your definitions, however it does make it possible to know what for each and every count setting. Often we really is tuning to your antique energy, wonders, and concept of each count:

Amount 0

No is member of your fundamental void, brand new womb, the world of prospective. No was a circle that presents entirety: what precedes lifetime, the latest eternal push. It is nothing and you can what you, first and prevent. No is frequently symbolic of Soul otherwise God, and therefore from unity and wholeness.


You to shows management, electricity, and you will count on. Number one feels as though an even arrow and therefore shows dedication and you may precision. One is as well as reflective regarding individuality, self-discovery, and you can worry about-empowerment. In the place of zero, that’s feminine and responsive, one has a masculine and you can willful opportunity.

Number 2

A few is the level of duality; this new split up i understand in life ranging from light and dark, in-and-out, yin and you may yang, male and you can female, bad and the good, life and death, attention and you can cardio, and stuff like that. On one hand, a couple signifies relationship, however, on the other side, it signifies disagreement and you can opposition. When well-balanced, two are many equilibrium, however when imbalanced, the number a couple will be destructive.


Three is generally named a particularly fortunate and you can strong number. Three is short for the new divine concept you to underlies lifetime for instance the head, human anatomy, and you may spirit; delivery, life-and-death; beginning, center and end; earlier, expose and you may upcoming, etc. Religious lifestyle such Wicca and you can Christianity indicate the brand new religious force given that a beneficial triune, instance, the daddy, Son, and you will Holy Soul, and InstantHookups işe yarıyor mu the Maiden, Mother, and you can Crone. Around three are a symbol of achievement, intuition, and you will fortune.

# 4

Five try good rooted and you can steady number that evokes an atmosphere out-of calmness and solidity. Four is very much indeed rooted in brand new real business which is on the being establish along with the fresh “today.” Such as for instance, there are five 12 months, four issue, and four corners of environment. Five concerns strengthening an effective basis and you will developing a down-to-planet perspective.


Four are loads of adventure and you can freedom. Five is even an extremely sexual number (four sensory faculties, five-fingers and feet) and its own on the seeing life, seeking this new feel, and seeking out fulfillment. It matter is also linked to experiencing lifestyle changes (like matrimony, separation, the newest operate) and you may and work out extremely important selection.

# 6

Half dozen stands for an equilibrium between the earthly and religious areas. Six is even linked to instinct, clairvoyance, or any other extrasensory capacities (and this new “sixth” sense). Inside numerology, half dozen is the number of the caretaker; the one who nurtures and you will compassionately provides anybody else.


7 is a magical matter that is with the synchronicity, fortune, and excellence (seven chakras, 7 shade of your rainbow, 1 week in the month, etcetera.). Seven is also named a strange count that is linked so you’re able to spiritual awakening, introspection, in addition to growth of skills. So it number is associated with the fresh pursuit of Knowledge in addition to curiosity about a deeper understanding of lifestyle.

No. 8

Seven is actually connected to variety, success, and you will financial well-being. Resourcefulness, efforts, dedication, and you may interior stamina all are attributes out of eight. Spiritually, eight can be regarded as an equalizer or balancer (and this the contour) that unites the mindful with the involuntary, and you will earthly to your religious. Put simply, seven is reflected about proverb “you’ll enjoy what you sow.”

Number 9

9 ‘s the quantity of fulfillment. Facts, self-examination, enlightenment, and better awareness are all features of amount nine. 9 is even associated with of those large goal and you can best existence mission; so it count encourages me to grab a birds eyes look at our life.

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